The lack of design options for men's boots and the disappearing culture of shoemaking in the Philippines motivated us to establish an artisanal studio that focuses on design and craftsmanship—using the latest technology in industrial design and adopting traditional bootmaking to create pairs that are unique, durable and affordable.

It begins with frustration. The current crop of men’s leather boots available in the market is generally too costly and only offers limited design options. To have the best design and craftsmanship, you have to go bespoke. Frustrated by this boot-related bind, we sought to establish a studio of handcrafted boots that are ready-to-wear, stylish, and priced lower than a custom pair.

With great design comes a great product. Our journey started by studying about Filipino artisanal bootmaking. With the information gathered, we designed and printed our first prototypes using computer-aided design and 3D software. To further our knowledge in the craft, we attended shoemaking workshops in Marikina where we eventually met our partner artisans who helped us craft our first boots. It took us a year to fully develop our product.

Marikina artisanal. We aim to be ethical by giving value to the art of bootmaking and by vouching for our local shoe and leather artisans. We support the slow movement in fashion. Quality over quantity, our boots are not mass-produced. 

Novel designs built by tradition. By incorporating fresh design into craftsmanship honed by decades of skilled work, The Boot Artillery aims to be the best alternative brand offering stylish products for the modern #gent.



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San Juan del Monte, The Philippines