Dashing boots for the bold!

This little project of ours started as somewhat a frustration of not being able to find a boot brand that offers new and refreshing design. All of them catered to the classics, which we already had. We got tired of it. We wanted something #bold.

Our chukkas feature a more prominent upper design, using the softest genuine leather. Thicker heels. A signature swerve and thickness of the outsole that compliment the boot’s overall height. A four-eyelet piece, makes the wearing experience easier and fast. The insole, layered in memory foam. It’s lining, in softest leather. All of these make our chukka boots the most comfortable in the market.

And now we see other beloved brands making theirs looking more like ours. A good validation of our hard work. But what makes us the happiest is when our clients are satisfied. When our design opens a conversation—we just love to indulge ourselves in!

Thank you.

This year has been tedious to all of us. However, they say: through challenges and hardships, we learn to be resilient. Better in what we do.

For year 2021, we want to be bolder: offering more designs, catering to a more diverse and varied customers. Because we heard you. We shall better out ourselves to offer you simply the best.

Thank you so much for your support. We wish you a more prosperous and hopeful new year. We love you. And we cannot wait to show you our newest offering! 

Cheers to a #bolder 2021!

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