The Boot Artillery - Press Release

The Boot Artillery is proud to announce the launch of their rebranded website at thebootartillery.com, through a partnership with the eCommerce technology company, Prosperna.

Starting back in 2018 when it was hard to find good designs of boots in malls; and most American brands won't ship to the Philippines.

They developed their own designs and submitted them to Marikina shoe artisans for product development, which they started selling during the Christmas season of 2019.


Most customers would ask for a legitimate website to know more about the brand.

Through a partnership with Online Store Builder, they become more accessible to Filipino professionals nationwide!  

In less than a month, they have developed a fully-functioning website, at a rate faster and more affordable than other services they looked at. 

Through the Online Store Builder, The Boot Artillery can continue offering its products and services to Filipinos and businesses nationwide.


The website functions for both marketing and selling purposes, designed with the latest practices and modern aesthetics. 

It is also equipped with functionality, easy access, and the essential information to help customers book online and create a fully-contactless transaction for their convenience. 

The features of the website they built with Prosperna includes:

  • Homepage complete with an overview of The Boot Artillery, Customer Testimonials, and Contact Form to stay updated with what’s happening.
  • Complete About Page to share who they are, what they do, and why they do it.
  • Products Page featuring their entire catalog, with filters to help narrow down searches.
  • HTTPS-secured Digital Payments and Delivery Providers to accept and fulfill orders online.

You can now experience The Boot Artillery anytime, anywhere! 

For any suggestions, questions, comments please contact us on our website, Instagram, and Facebook page or shop now to see our full catalog. 


The The Boot Artillery is a direct-to-consumer brand of affordable, genuine leather boots and shoe care supplies. They started this venture out of a passion for boots and the Marikina shoe industry. It is their way of helping shoe artisans bring their artistry and tradition into the digital world.    

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